Lucido Group LLC is a specialist solution provider, serving capital markets and energy participants, primarily using Allegro’s ETRM trading system and Openlink Findur. We have deep expertise on enterprise data models, energy and non-energy derivatives, software delivery and support.

Our clients seek greater system flexibility to ensure they can quickly and easily enter new products and markets while controlling costs. Our unique expertise and team backgrounds enable them to do just that. We provide advisory to clients seeking the best outcome for their bottom line and future technology landscape.

Sample Engagements

Maximizing Existing Investments

We have deep product expertise with the Openlink Findur and Allegro platforms, supporting multi-asset, 24/7 global operations.

We maximize clients’ investment by de-risking their technology, focusing on support of their core business functionality and reducing the technical debt that was added to bring the enterprise implementation live.

System upgrades are a common request and our background and experience on both the vendor and independent consultancy side is well suited to help decide between like-for-like or new features, and the best way to get there.

With team members possessing 20+ years’ delivery expertise in the space, we have the experience and the track record to ensure project success.

Innovating For Enterprise

With decades of industry experience guiding trading and risk management platforms, we understand that there may be shortcomings or gaps in the software. We have a wealth of experience in closing those gaps.

In addition to services, we look to maximize client dollars through new technologies designed to work with your current platform and future platforms as well.

As legacy enterprise systems mature, technologies that run outside the platform, integrated seamlessly, will increasingly be the future.

Contact us to discuss further – from standardized gateways to customized PnL, we are building for a variety of client needs.

Data, Analytics, System Integration

Getting meaningful data from your system and presenting it in a way that works for your business can be one of the most challenging parts of system use. Documentation is not always what clients anticipate and working with the right team can save both money and time.

And when your system is ready for replacement, we provide a modern approach to vendor selection, one that maximizes results while minimizing cost. Our team provides expertise on implementation teams, project planning, and subject matter expertise. We have been on both sides of the process and have numerous industry references.

A nimble, flexible system that provides long term stability can be achieved.

Insights and Industry News

Benefit from our knowledge of financial markets and derivatives software

WACOG Inventory Valuation in CTRM

The ‘weighted average cost of goods’ or WACOG method averages all the purchases and beginning inventory and assigns the average unit cost to the sales for a given period. This is part 2 of the series, in which our team explains some of the historical challenges CTRMs have had with inventory valuation.

Power Trading Companies: A Unique Trading Ecosystem for A Growing Sector

Power markets have undergone many changes over the last decade. In particular, the influence of Renewable Energy resources such as Wind, Solar, and Battery Energy Storage. These factors have contributed to an explosion of data. In this article, we cover some of the most recent and challenging complexities and how we have helped clients respond and adapt to capitalize on the technology available.

A Track Record of Client Success.

Our mission is to help clients leverage existing technology investments by providing unmatched expertise, while developing tools that will prepare their trading environment for a more silo-specific technology portfolio.
Sean Kilpatrick

Sean Kilpatrick

Managing Partner

Sales-driven manager with more than 15 years in derivatives technology. Successfully launched and ran a derivatives integration practice in last role.

Stephen Dubé

Stephen Dubé

Partner - Capital Markets

Former vendor capital markets services lead with an excellent delivery and staff cultivation track record.

Russ Meyer

Russ Meyer

Managing Director - Energy Solutions

A solutions and services leader with more than 20 years’ experience in energy practices focused on Allegro integration and energy market micro-services.

Michael Fowler

Michael Fowler

Director - Energy Solutions

Technologist with in-depth knowledge on the Allegro data model and extensive expertise in custom energy technology solutions.