Auto Nomination Tool

Reduce Manual Work Significantly for the Natural Gas Nominations Process – From Hours to Just Minutes.

Lucido’s Auto Nomination Tool feeds natural gas schedules from your existing spreadsheets and automatically creates nominations in Allegro with the proper transport contracts, fees, losses, positions and other data.

Problems We Solve

  • Inefficient and repetitive time spent on data entry – a scheduler’s time can be better spent

  • Fat finger happens! Feeding data automatically removes the risk of data entry errors

  • Opportunity for P&L reporting to be more timely, with fills processed in seconds

Auto Nomination Tool

The process around creating nominations in Allegro involves manually entering data from spreadsheets into screens in the application. By automatically creating nominations, our tool increases productivity, reduces the risk of errors, and provides more-timely P&L updates.


Standalone Tool

Leverage your existing investment in Allegro without being further tied to it. Running as a standalone application supported by Lucido, you remove the dependency to upgrade Allegro if changes are required in this workflow.


Universal Approach to Scheduling

Our team has extensive experience in designing and operationalizing scheduling spreadsheets for producers and traders. We can work with you to streamline scheduling spreadsheets as part of adopting the Auto Nomination Tool, making your process consistent and scalable for growth.