Power Trading Companies: A Unique Trading Ecosystem for A Growing Sector

Power markets have undergone many changes over the last decade. In particular, the influence of Renewable Energy resources such as Wind, Solar, and Battery Energy Storage. These factors have contributed to an explosion of data. In this article, we cover some of the most recent and challenging complexities and how we have helped clients respond and adapt to capitalize on the technology available.

Software Installation Evaluations – Why, How, Who and When

CTRM customers often choose a system, execute the implementation plan to go live with just the most important requirements. It is entirely understandable – getting live with the bare minimum can still be a tall order in and of itself.

Some may ask why revisit the implementation? How should we do that? When should it be done, or how long after go-live should we do this, and how often?

Connex Gateway Suite of Products

Connex is Openlink’s name for a framework to integrate the application with other systems. There are features in the framework that offer scalability, security, high availability, auditing and guaranteed delivery. Additionally, there is support for data type translation and invalid message handling.

In this paper, we walk through some of the aspects of the Connex suite that should be evaluated as part of a Findur integration project.

All In One 2.0: When One Simply Isn’t Enough

Market forces are driving derivatives trading firms to re-evaluate how they use their enterprise trading platform and what role it will have in the future, if any at all. The explosion of innovative fintech solutions, combined with significant improvements in integration means these systems can shift from one that tries to do everything not so well, to one that excels at the basics and integrates for the rest. In this article we explore some of the approaches derivatives trading firms are planning for or already doing to prepare for the future.