Fixed Income Derivative Greeks in Findur

We have previously written about gaps in Findur reporting detailed P&L on equity derivatives, and separately on gaps in realized P&L for some instruments such as inflation-linked bonds and options on futures. In this paper, we outline another gap in Findur that affects many users: Greeks on fixed income derivatives, and by extension, P&L explained.

Trade Snapshots: When To Use Them and Downstream Consequences

A trade snapshot in Findur is an archived version of a trade that preserves its state.

Saving your first trade snapshot is easy. Knowing how to reroute downstream processes to use trade snapshots is a lot more difficult.

User defined sim results, reports, extracts and accounting need to be snapshot-aware. Openlink has no out-of-the-box content for taking, managing or using trade snapshots. Long-term, you will also need to keep an eye on database growth and performance.

How Modern Development Practices are Transforming Enterprise Software Delivery

Modern project management methodology and development techniques are able to mitigate the concern that business leaders have when they find it necessary to extend enterprise software functionality, or integrate an enterprise application with a new platform to handle niche functionality.

In this paper, we describe no technology, technique or pattern that is bleeding-edge, or in any way controversial.

The Only Way to Import Dividends on Equity Index Derivatives in Findur

Findur does not support importing the dividend yield on equity indices out-of-the-box.

In this paper we describe a method to import dividend yields. The method described is powerful, and can be quickly and easily customized if necessary.

As it stands, the solution delivers significant benefits to users that demand an easier, more reliable, secure, and transparent solution to control pricing of a portfolio of equity index derivatives.