Data and System Integration

Market-leading expertise to make data integration easier

Addressing market change means being able to bring systems together and share data between business, trading, and compliance applications. Our teams have market-leading Openlink and Allegro data model expertise, enabling us to quickly build adapters that move data between your trading platform and risk, accounting or CRM systems, analytics applications, and reporting tools.

Problems we solve

  • Traditional, monolithic trading platforms were not designed to easily explore and export data

  • Problems getting meaningful data from your system limits ability to use best-of-breed risk and analytics applications

  • Lack of data model expertise slows down data and system integration

Data and system integration services

Lucido helps clients access and export trading data in industry standard formats for use in third-party systems and/or applications.


Data extraction tools

Based on our application and data model expertise, we build data extraction and import tools that are designed to cope with future upgrades and applications changes.


Data gateways based on industry standards

Lucido has built multi-purpose FpML-driven gateways to export data from Findur for a variety of use cases, including collateral management, regulatory compliance, and reporting in third-party applications.


Market-leading team

Our team includes people who have designed, supported and used Allegro, Openlink and other leading trading platforms at global energy trading companies, Central Banks, hedge funds, banks and utilities.