Lucido Launches Calypso (Adenza) Practice To Be Led by George Apostoli

by Lucido Group

Long time Calypso Solution Architect Joins Lucido’s Growing European Presence Out Of UK Offices

Release Date: September 20, 2022 –**For Immediate Publication**

Dallas, TX – September 20, 2022 – Lucido Group LLC (Lucido), a specialist consultancy and software provider, announced today the appointment of George Apostoli as a Director Leading Lucido’s new Adenza (Calypso) Consulting practice. Mr. Apostoli has an excellent track record serving Calypso clients all over the world in his roles previously at First Derivatives and the vendor. Given George’s wide geographic experience and excellent recommendations from a number of his former clients, the firm was hard pressed to think of a better fit for the role.

In prior roles, Mr. Apostoli has had the opportunity (pre-covid) to personally serve on a number of client projects throughout the world and across a wide range of firms such as banks, national treasuries and treasury trading departments. Leveraging excellent business side knowledge and a thorough understanding of the Calypso product, George proved a standout delivery lead and paired well with technical leadership to ensure client project success.

“George’s track record with clients is really superb and he has a driven passion for his business and how it will serve clients in the market. Adding to our Openlink (ION) Findur capabilities is critical to the firm in order to continue to grow new logo clients and we are very confident in George’s abilities to do just that” said CEO, Sean Kilpatrick.

Prior to joining Lucido Group, Mr. Apostoli held the position of VP for the Vendor Services Group at First Derivatives. Prior to that, he worked in industry side roles at BAML and HSBC and was a Director in the Professional Services organization at Calypso, establishing the South American operations.

“Working with the Lucido team is a great fit for my background given their focus on customer delivery and ensuring client needs are met”, commented Mr. Apostoli on his appointment. “There are a lot of opportunities to provide strategic advisory to clients and help them maximize the value proposition of new and existing systems. This is a model that Lucido has grown significantly with other platforms and is well suited for the Calypso space as well – I am excited to be a part of that as well as their next generation software plans”.

About Lucido Group

Lucido Group LLC is a specialist solution provider, serving capital markets and energy market participants, primarily users of trade lifecycle systems (C/ETRM for energy) such as Findur, Endur, Calypso, RightAngle, and Allegro. We have market-leading expertise on enterprise data models, energy and non-energy derivatives, software delivery and support.

Our clients seek greater system flexibility to ensure they can quickly and easily adjust system usage to account for new products, enter new markets or simply create appropriate regulatory reporting – while controlling costs. Our unique expertise and team backgrounds enable them to do just that. We provide advisory to clients seeking the best outcome for their bottom line and future technology landscape.