Lucido Names Danita Stovall, VP, Business Development

by Lucido Group

Experienced Energy Account Executive Joins the Lucido Team to Bolster Client Focus Amid Rapid Growth

Houston – October 5, 2021 – Lucido, a specialist consultancy and software provider, announced that Danita Stovall has joined the firm in the role of VP, Business Development. Many at the company have worked with Ms. Stovall in the past and are familiar with her accomplishments and approach to clients. Selling to ETRM users is intensely consultative and with the firm’s rapid growth, there was a need to bring on a resource who could quickly work with the client base and ensure their needs would continue to be placed first.

Danita has been active in the technology for energy space for some time and has held consulting and pre-sales roles – the firm saw this as critical to the success of the role which is detail heavy and requires a hands-on approach. Ms. Stovall previously held business side positions prior to her work in technology which is a further bonus to be able to leverage that understanding of client objectives. At Lucido, she will be taking over the business development process managing relationships for existing and prospective clients.

“Danita checked so many boxes for what the firm needed that we were just thrilled the timing worked out. The cultural fit was our biggest driver and we appreciated the feedback we got from colleagues and clients alike on her work ethic and reputation” said CEO, Sean Kilpatrick. “We will benefit from someone who can provide sales leadership and help the firm continue to learn and grow in this ever-changing market.”

Prior to joining Lucido, Ms. Stovall was a Senior Solution Account Executive at W Energy and prior to that, a Senior Account Executive at Allegro Development (now ION Group). She also worked briefly at P2 Energy Solutions after a successful tenure at Allegro Development in a variety of roles, including consulting and pre-sales.

“Joining Lucido was a great opportunity for me given the team they have recruited and the client base. It is always fun to work with clients where you have established relationships and can quickly respond to their needs, leveraging knowledge of their business activities and culture”, commented Ms. Stovall on the role. “ETRM is really shifting these days and the Lucido approach and team present a very compelling option to the client base. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with this team in this market and see where things take us”.

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