Platform Ownership & Training

Let Us Help You Gain Your Independence!

Many companies with trading platforms find themselves excessively reliant on the vendor or third-party consultants not only during the implementation but after go-live and beyond.

Problems We Solve

  • Reducing or removing your dependency on the vendor and/or outside consultants

  • Limit exposure to onboarding new employees or internal turnover

  • Lack of internal expertise on standard business processes and system configuration (always configure, rarely customize)

Platform Ownership & Training

At Lucido, we provide tools that you can leverage to empower your internal assets with more knowledge around your business processes and how those processes are modeled in the trading platform. This knowledge base is designed to make it easier for your resources to find solutions to their problems without having to rely on external support.


System Training

The Lucido team has a deep understanding of the trading lifecycle across commodities such as natural gas, power, crude, refined products, environmental products and renewables, and their derivatives – enabling us to deliver a complete solution for your business.


Digitize Your Business Processes

In a fast paced environment it is critical to be able to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues. Our ‘fit for purpose’ training videos are designed so your team can efficiently access internal resources to solve problems and understand business concepts without taking meaningful time away from their “day” jobs.