Practical Solutions. Business Driven Outcomes.

Our consulting solutions can span a variety of integration projects but all come down to one focus: business transformation. We hold this as the key value add for any change and use that end goal as our guide throughout the project.

Software Delivered.

We design solutions that are easier to understand, more transparent and easier to maintain. When solutions require code, the development is coupled tightly to the business operations to maximize the reusability of the components.

​Our solutions are often used at multiple client sites, unlike many other consultancies which charge one client after another to rebuild the same solutions.

​We offer services including –

► Project oversight to manage the scope, budget and timeline according to program needs
► Unit, integration and acceptance test planning, automation and execution
► Scheduled and event-driven workflow automation
► End-user training

Technology Road Map

In an era of software vendor aggregation, many clients are seeking to re-evaluate their opportunities to make the most of their technology. We have been on both sides of this equation and have experience that navigates firms, not just past the next road blocks, but those to come after.