System & Business Support

Access Expert Resources to Hit Target Dates for Trading Platform Projects

Lucido is a specialist consulting firm focused on capital markets, commodity trading, and energy trading participants who trading platforms such as Allegro, Endur, Findur, Calypso, and RightAngle. We provide levels of support based on your company’s needs. We have experienced and knowledgeable personnel able to resolve issues with varying levels of complexity, from simple to highly complex.

Problems We Solve

  • Shortage of IT or business talent with expertise in capital markets, commodity trading, and energy trading

  • Steep learning curve for legacy trading applications makes it expensive and slow to scale up in-house resources

System & Business Support Services

We provide experienced Project Managers, Business Analysts and Technical Professionals to augment your in-house team. Our team has deep expertise on enterprise data models, energy and commodity trading, financial derivative trading instruments, software delivery, and support.


Fill Gaps in Trade Technology Resources

Lucido can provide support for both technical and functional challenges that exist within the application that are either not solvable by internal resources or lacking engagement and commitment from the software vendor to correct.


Staff Augmentation

We have specialist resources with deep expertise in physical and derivative trade lifecycles, enterprise data models, and software delivery available to work as part of your team.


Health Checks

We can help you assess the current state of your system both functionally and technically. This can be beneficial to those experiencing performance issues or challenges around improperly functioning code base.