System Upgrades

Deliver trade and risk management software upgrades on time and to budget

Lucido has a proven track record of upgrade success, with team members possessing decades of expertise in the space. We deliver flexible, stable platforms on time and to budget.

Problems we solve

  • Upgrades take months longer than anticipated and failed go-live attempts are not uncommon

  • Bugs are discovered too far along in the upgrade, making project success dependent on vendor turnaround

  • It is tempting to add more customizations, but they create an unwieldy system and make future upgrades more costly and time consuming

System upgrade services

The team is everything. Lucido’s business analysts and technical specialists deliver like-for-like and new feature upgrades on time and to budget. Based on our in-depth Openlink and Allegro expertise, we prioritize areas with known system stability and performance issues for assessment and testing.


Holistic approach to business problems

With a deep understanding of the underlying business processes, the Lucido team works with you to address your opportunity or challenge in the most robust and agile manner.


Customizations versus core functionality

Lucido is uniquely positioned to help you mitigate technology risk by reducing customizations and, where possible, getting back to core functionality to meet your business needs.



Our team includes people who have built, supported and used Allegro, Findur, Endur and other leading trading platforms for physical and financial energy and derivatives trading at energy trading companies, hedge funds, banks, central banks, and utilities.