Derivatives Trading Technology Expertise
for Central Banks and Public Agencies

Rely on our best practices IT services and value-added tools to deliver stable and resilient enterprise trading infrastructure

Lucido provides consulting services and platform tools for derivatives trading systems – we have deep product and data model expertise with the Openlink Findur platform.

How can we help?

  • Upgrade software on time

    Lucido has a proven track record of success upgrading Findur software, leveraging the decades of experience our team members have in the space.

  • Reduce technology risk

    Lucido is uniquely positioned to help by reducing customizations, getting back to core functionality to meet your trade lifecycle needs.

  • Augment in-house IT resources

    We have specialist resources with deep expertise in enterprise data models, derivatives trading, software delivery and support, available to work as part of your team.

Consulting services

Lucido is a specialist solution provider with experienced Project Managers, Business Analysts and Technical professionals available to deliver your trading systems projects.

Platform tools

We have developed tools and applications that add value to existing trading platforms. You can leverage your existing technology without being further tied to it.