​​Working Remotely with Findur/Endur

The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting organizations’ operations. In most cases, staff must now work from home. It is one thing to shift to video conferencing, not having access to trade data is simply unsustainable.

In this note we describe some of the services available to support remote access to Findur as well as some of the positives and negatives of the various approaches.

Findur Upgrade Strategy: The ‘Like-For-Like’ Upgrade

We speak to a good portion of Findur clients across a number of geographies, and one topic that comes up regularly is the right strategy to make an upgrade as simple as possible.

The baseline question comes down to: ‘like-for-like’ or stage several changes as part of the upgrade. In this post, we address the important priorities that we believe should be considered for inclusion within the scope of an upgrade.

Connex Gateway Suite of Products

Connex is Openlink’s name for a framework to integrate the application with other systems. There are features in the framework that offer scalability, security, high availability, auditing and guaranteed delivery. Additionally, there is support for data type translation and invalid message handling.

In this paper, we walk through some of the aspects of the Connex suite that should be evaluated as part of a Findur integration project.