Katera ETRM

Katera – a Modern Multi-Tenant SaaS platform for Energy Trade and Risk Management

Over the last two years Lucido has been working closely with a group of leading players in energy trading to build a modern multi-tenant SaaS platform for Energy Trade and Risk Management.

Where are we now

Katera is Lucido’s Energy Trade and Risk Management platform. It is in the beta partnership process with two clients that are approaching go-lives as we review other opportunities for the platform.

We will be announcing more details over the coming months so look out for the latest Lucido news or come and see us at a forthcoming event  – and we will share why we believe multi-tenanted SaaS is right for ETRM, right now.

To find out more about our vision for the next evolution of ETRM software, check out our microsite where you can download our whitepaper.