Trade Technology Advisory

Unique expertise to de-risk legacy technology and address market change

Companies rely on Lucido’s deep domain expertise to help them mitigate the risks associated with legacy trading technology as well as address market change and future business requirements. 

Problems we solve

  • Monolithic, legacy applications are expensive to implement, own and upgrade

  • Migration and support of customizations to support the business is time consuming and costly

  • Rapid market change outpaces legacy application updates

Trade Technology Advisory

We help clients get the most from their existing platforms. As a first step, this means leveraging core product functionality and eliminating customizations where possible. 

Legacy vendors are limited in their ability to invest in new functionalities to keep pace with market change, resulting in operational risk for your business. To address this problem, we provide platform tools as products that work with your existing system, but independently from the system, providing new features without the need for replacement or upgrade. 

As and when your system is ready for replacement, we work with you to identify the technology solution and road map that makes sense for your business.


De-risking legacy technology

Lucido has an unrivalled track record of optimizing trading platforms for resiliency, performance and cost of ownership – reducing customizations and getting back to core functionality. 


Platform tools

We provide unique tools that add value to existing trading platforms – for example, to export data to other systems or improve automation. As a result, you can leverage your existing technology with tools that are non-platform specific.


Regulatory and market changes

We have a successful track record of delivery across a number of regulatory areas – both in capital markets (uncleared margin, LIBOR transition, etc.) and energy (EIA reporting, power markets settlement, etc).


Market-leading team

Our team team includes people who have designed, supported and used Allegro, Findur, Endur and other leading trading platforms at utilities, global energy trading companies, hedge funds, banks, and central banks – providing critical knowledge for managing your legacy platform.