Triangle Test Automation for Findur / Endur

Speed up getting the latest software into production with automated testing

The cost of manual testing in terms of time and personnel is the most common reason Findur / Endur users avoid changes in the application, even when those changes involve bug fixes, retirement of painful workarounds, and removal of unnecessary customizations.

Automated testing in Endur/Findur does not have to be so difficult. Lucido has deep experience across multiple Findur/Endur engagements and can help devise an automated testing solution to reduce operational risk and free up your team to run a broader set of tests.

Problems We Solve

  • Executing manual tests and examining results is time consuming

  • Complexity in implementations increases the work required to automate testing

  • Finding and investigating data discrepancies between test and production systems

  • Operational risks – for example, cybersecurity – in staying on older software

Triangle Test Automation for Findur / Endur – Tool and Services

Triangle Test Automation, developed by Trinitatum, is a testing software suite that utilizes a behavior-driven approach. This framework enables the rapid creation of useful automated tests, without the usual large, upfront investment. This is not new technology: it has simply not been adapted to post-trade derivatives platforms until now.

By leveraging Triangle and integrating this software into a client’s Findur / Endur environments, Lucido is working with clients to implement a fully automated test solution.


Dynamic, Flexible Testing Suite

Unlike tests developed at the GUI level that may be brittle, Triangle enables the automatic generation of tests that adapt dynamically to the system they are testing.


Quickly Pinpoint Data Discrepancies

Triangle in Findur / Endur gives testers the ability to easily compare and validate entire data sets between two databases and to quickly pinpoint variances where they exist. This includes static data, trade entry data, pricing data, valuations, and settlement data.


Intelligent Matching of Trades Across Databases

Triangle has powerful capabilities which enable it to match trades from one environment to another even though the trade IDs are different. Triangle can analyze the underlying qualities of the trade, rather than just the system generated trade number.

Other Lucido Services


Implementations & Upgrades

Lucido has a proven track record delivering trade and risk management projects on time and to budget.


Trade & Technology Advisory

Companies rely on Lucido’s deep domain expertise to help them mitigate the risks associated with legacy trading technology.



With deep expertise in Allegro, Findur and Endur, Lucido provides tailored system training to reduce your dependence on external support.


Functional and Technical Application Support

With unmatched system expertise and a hands-on approach, Lucido provides a range of technical and functional services for trading platforms.