Lucido Group Continues Growth of Allegro Development Technical Depth

by Lucido Group

Jairy Grisaffe joins the Energy Solutions Group as a Director

Lucido Group LLC, a specialist consultancy and software provider, announced today the addition of Jairy Grisaffe to the Energy Solutions Group. Mr. Grisaffe has an excellent reputation as one of the strongest technical consultants working with the Allegro platform and brings years of energy product and technical depth to Russ Meyer’s group.

“Jairy is an excellent developer and one whose name has come up on more than one occasion in discussions with clients in the market. His knowledge, work ethic and outstanding customer focus aligns well with Lucido Group’s offerings and continues Russ Meyer’s exceptional recruitment efforts to date. With the projects we are presently onboarding, we anticipate that Jairy will be able to contribute to customer-facing work almost immediately which is great news for our clients,” said CEO, Sean Kilpatrick.

Prior to joining Lucido Group, Mr. Grisaffe was a Technical Support Manager at ION Group (previously Allegro development), overseeing a team dedicated to resolving client technical issues. Prior to that, he was in a variety of roles, also at Allegro Development, leading technical design analysis and providing business solutions and training across a wide range of energy market participants.

“It is great to be able to join a new firm and yet still work with some of my favorite colleagues from over the years. Being at Lucido Group means being able to continue my contributions to Client projects with a team I know will bring market-leading product knowledge to Allegro implementations,” said Mr. Grisaffe of the appointment. “There are a lot of ETRM projects and not as many resources as there used to be to execute them – we are excited to be at the forefront in working to address that need.”

About Lucido Group
Lucido Group LLC is a specialist solution provider, serving capital markets and energy participants, primarily using Allegro’s ETRM trading system and Openlink Findur. We have deep expertise on enterprise data models, energy and non-energy derivatives, software delivery and support.

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